I have always been fascinated by the human face. 

Each is a blank canvas on which life etches itself and ultimately transforms into a work of art.

Every portrait must somehow capture not just a physical likeness, but also reveal an 'essence' of that person.  It becomes an intimate expression of that person in a precise moment in time.

Nevertheless, the end result must always be artful.

I find inspiration for my work in the uniqueness of each face and the  beauty found in ordinary moments of life.

An important part of my method is to manipulate the image in different ways.  Magnifiying it allows me to see what is not readily seen.  I love this part of the process the most; it forces me to decipher and analyze  unrecognizable shapes and colours.  Sometimes I flip the image sideways or upside down to help clarify what I actually see.  Adjusting the distance and position of the image changes my perspective and allows me to see it with fresh eyes.

This process ultimately becomes a silent intimate dance between myself and the image.

Recently, I have been experimenting with soft pastels and combining them with graphite, coloured pencil and ink on paper.

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