Art is  not my work,  it is my passion!

I have always found the human face fascinating.  I see each one as a blank canvas on which life etches itself and ultimately transforms into a work of art.

My quest is to reveal what is not readily seen.


To that end, I magnify each image as if I were viewing it under a microscope.  This allows me to see the landscape and contour  of each face at an almost cellular level.  This is the part of the process I love the most; becoming so lost in detail, I no longer even recognize what part of the face I'm working on.  I continually adjust the distance of the image to change my perspective, while constantly referring to the original.  This allows me to see the true physical likeness with fresh eyes.  The entire process becomes a silent, intimate dance between myself and the image.

Nevertheless, the end result must always be artful.

Every portrait begins by looking into the eyes of a stranger, but inevitably ends with a profound sense that I have come to know this person very well.

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